Thursday, February 08, 2007

What could possibly top this?

Our new roof is on! The roofers were here most of last week, including one really, really cold day (for Georgia) anyway, when the very steep front half of the roof was slick with ice. Fortunately they didn't tell me that until the next day, when it was warmer and not slick at all. I'd have told them to go home had I known.

Of course, the problem with getting work done is that it begats other work that needs to be done. Now, for example, we need to paint the new siding around the dormers--see photo. So, do we just paint that the same color as the rest of the house or do we figure out what color we want to change the house to--it's been this gray color for quite a long time and could use a paint job. And if we do decide to repaint, then do we get the rest of the work finished on the outside first? For example, we've never put in front steps. You have to leap over a good-sized crevice at the end of the driveway or else step up an impossibly tall three feet to reach our front porch. We keep meaning to build steps, but it hasn't happened yet. And what about the siding on the chimney? It was rotten. The rotten parts got removed, but the new siding is only about half finished--and has been that way since the fall. And on and on and on.

But, meanwhile, I'm thrilled with the roof. The next step (because I know how things work around here and the siding won't get painted at all for ages) is the drywall inside, then paint, floorcovering and moving Chris in to his new office--and me off the kitchen table!

I'd rather that happen than the siding anyway.

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