Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Roofers are Here!

Nine years ago--I can remember it so specifically because it was the same summer we had my dad's 60th birthday party here--we put a green standing-seam metal roof on our house. It's been great! It looks good, it isn't too loud when it storms--lots of insulation in the attic--but if you want the noise of rain on a metal roof, we have a screened porch. Just don't go out in a hail storm, you'll go deaf.

Anyway, we also have this detached garage and for reasons I'm not sure of now--probably lack of money--we didn't reroof the garage when we did the house. So for 9 years it's had the old brown shingles. Well, two years ago it started to leak pretty badly, water running down the back wall everytime it rained.

We started talking seriously about getting the roof then. But Chris put up a blue tarp--which looks really good with the brown roof, gray-sided garage and green-roofed house--and that was as far as we got. (Chris has completion issues--only around here, not when he's remodeling other people's houses. I think he's afraid I'll either come up with another project or decide I'm ready to move if he actually finishes something. This way, he knows a move is at least six months in the future, because no one would buy the place with its half-finished projects.)

Until today--the roofers were going to come yesterday, but we woke up to 19-degree weather. Damn cold for Georgia. So they put it off for a warmer day--it's 36 degrees now. I can see the roofers from my desk (which is actually the dining room table). And I'm afraid I won't get much work done today. I'll be too busy looking out the window at the progress. Right now they are scraping shingles off, exposing the wood underneath. They're moving pretty fast, much faster than I would on the fairly steeply pitched roof.

The sun's shining on them, so I don't think they'll freeze, but 36 degrees is still damn cold for Georgia. I'm awfully glad they're here!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not so beachy furniture

Well, we bought a new couch, chair & ottoman for the living room as our Christmas present this year. They just arrived and we love them. However, Chris says they aren't really very beachy, though the chair and ottoman are great for napping. You can see for yourself in the photos. When I look at our old furniture, though, all I see is old furniture. Not anything beachy either. It's more the whole atmosphere of the place, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, beachy or not, the furniture we replaced had to go. The off-white leather sectional sofa had been bought 12 years ago at a garage sale. It officially entered the "got-to-go" category when Prissy, our giant (10 pound) Pomeranian, puked a river from one end of it to the other last summer. I didn't know such a small dog could throw up so much. I discovered that cleaning leather with bleach cleaner, which seemed like such a good idea in the face of all that stuff, didn't really do it much good. The scratches were forever raised and turned a weird brown color.

The chair and ottoman that we replaced had been my parents, and I believe are actually older than I am. They've lived very productive lives as cat scratching posts, but it was time for their retirement as well. But we're not really crying over dead furniture. It's just being retired to the chicken room/office as soon as it's complete.

And progress is being made. The electrical work was done yesterday. And in huge news, the roof, green metal to match the house--after only 9 years--was delivered today! Whoo-hoo!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year's Resolutions--old song, new verse

Once again I have resolved to get and stay more organized. And if only we would stop bringing so much crap into the house, it wouldn't be that hard. We don't have kids--only a small dog and smaller cat, and, really, they don't require much in the way of possessions, the ocassional bone and fishing-rod-feather toy, but that's it. So, it's Chris and me.

But this holiday we brought home a piano. It was my piano as a kid--I was the one who took lessons--and my parents have been trying to get us to take it for, like, three years. But everytime we'd go to Alabama it would be raining or we couldn't get anybody to help load it or we just didn't want to deal with it. But this last trip, the weather was good, we took the trailer and we found help.

Now, bringing home a piano isn't like bringing home another shirt. You can't just fold it up and put it in a drawer or hand it in the closet with the other shirts. No, it requires a lot of space. Space that we don't really have, but especially don't have at Christmas when we have a tree and Christmas stuff everywhere. So, for two weeks now the piano has been sitting right in front of the front door. We're getting ready for it.

The tree and other decorations are back in the attic--in an organized pile for the first time ever. But the moves required to find a home for this piano require a flow chart.

First, the small table in the foyer had to be moved--and we don't have a good place for it, so it's shoved in a corner of our bedroom, which when we got the new bed and dresser (for free from one of Chris's customers!) last year we swore we would stop doing, but that was before the piano.

Into the small table's place went the larger, but still small, colorful bookcase. It looks good there, actually. Better than where it was.

Into the small bookcase's place went the large cherry bookcase--sort of Shaker style, Chris made it several years back. It's okay in its new spot, a little dark, maybe, but the living room in the beach house is very bright.

And that's where we got bogged down. The china cabinet--an antique from Chris's mother, has to be moved next into the cherry bookcase spot--but, it's full of some not very attractive stuff, a light fixture, mismatched plates and some extremely tarnished silver (plate, not sterling!). And it's being moved to the living room, because the house doesn't really have a dining room--just a great room, which sounded like a great (get it) idea at the time, and is, but has left us without many walls against which to back up furniture.

Once the china cabinet goes, the piano will live in its place, in what is called the red room (used to be the box room, when we first moved in and discovered that the previous owners had finished the garage, but neglected to put in heat and air or insulation and the room, while finished, though in a ghastly manner with gold shag carpeting, French doors hung so crookedly you could throw a cat (especially ours, she's really small) through the cracks between them and a bizarre navy blue and dirt-color paint job, but that's another story). The red room is our office, den, music room, laundry, exercise room, etc. Since it already houses the drum set and various guitars, basses, amps and a glockenspiel, seems like the natural location for the piano.

At this point, as long as it leaves the front door area, I don't really care where it goes! Because until this series of moves is complete, getting organized is once again falling by the wayside.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been too long since the last post--I blame some on being too busy during the holidays and some on a lack of work in the chicken room. But, part of being busy included getting some work done!

The new beam and posts are up--which means the ceiling and roof won't fall down on anyone--a good thing by any standard. Also, the new closet has been framed up.

After much discussion, we've decided against a tongue-and-groove wooden ceiling. (Chris, who is not as in love with the beach as I am, has declared he wants a "lodge" theme for the chicken room--I swear, I'm trying to stop calling it that, but old habits die hard!)

The frugal part of Chris, always in competition with the "what do I want" part, won this fight and we're going with drywall for now. It will still be pricey--it's a vaulted ceiling, with several nooks and crannies due to dormer windows, the new beam and a weird little flat space in the center. But, cheaper than wood.

He's still trying to figure out exactly what a lodge look involves, but I'm guessing darker paint than I would choose and some sort of brown or green carpet. I hope it ends up being cozy, despite the lack of a fireplace or budget for new furniture. Considering it has to hold his office stuff--desk, files, etc.--plus a set of drums--we don't play, but he got them in a trade when he did some work for some folks whose teenage son decided he didn't want to be a drummer after all and we have several friends who play--plus weights, guitars and amps, a bass--and amp (he does play those), and cast-off sofa, chair and ottoman--I think cozy is definitely what it will be.

The roofing guy is supposed to come look at the roof today. We put a green metal roof on the main part of the house nearly nine years ago now, but we never got around to the garage. When the garage roof started leaking a couple of years ago it began to seem more urgent, but urgent is a relative term around here. A pretty blue tarp has kept the rain out--mostly, since then. We'll see how it works today--it's storming in north Atlanta.

And it's Friday. The roofing guy may not show up.

I'll keep you posted!