Monday, December 05, 2011

I like Tom Cruise. But he's no Jack Reacher.

The newest Jack Reacher book, The Affair, by Lee Child, has entered my home. Chris, my husband, grabbed it first and is still enjoying it. But I'm up next. Its arrival got me to thinking about the movie they're making of one of the earlier Reacher books, One Shot, starring Tom Cruise.

Now, I like Tom Cruise just fine. He's maybe a little flaky, but I don't have to live with him. And he's easy to watch in a movie. But Jack Reacher he ain't. Jack Reacher is 6'5" (maybe someone misread that part of the books and thought he was 5'6"). Tom Cruise is 5'7".

Now, I know sometimes men have trouble with exactly what 10" looks like, but it looks like a lot when you're talking height (and other things, too). And Reacher's height is so important that it's mentioned in every book--just in case you forget.

So if not Tom Cruise, then who?

My choice is Josh Holloway, the guy who played Sawyer on Lost. Now, you might say at 6'1 1/2" he's not really 6'5" either, but he comes close. And I can see that having someone really, really tall would make it difficult to film with other much shorter actors. Not to mention he has the dirty-blond hair and ice-blue eyes that Lee Child mentions Reacher having.

Besides, the choice just feels right. Josh is from Georgia, Reacher has ties to the South (as much as an army brat can have ties anywhere). Josh is good to look at. Reacher must be good to look at--he has women falling all over him in every book. Now, Josh might have to bulk up a little, but that's a whole lot easier physical change than growing 10"!

So, who do you think should have been cast as Jack Reacher?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friends old and new

As I'm feeling fuzzy-headed with my second bout with the crud this month, I'm thinking about friends who are dealing with much worse: two with cancer, several with no work, one who's slooooowwwwwly recovering from a stroke. And I feel wimpy about my cough (which is on the mend) and sad.

Is the answer fewer friends?

Of course not.

Despite my worries, I find myself smiling when I think about friends. The ones I laugh with--even the ones suffering through cancer and its treatment make me laugh--eat lunch with, make music with, celebrate with, talk books with, travel with, work with and couldn't live without.

So in this season of thankfulness (only a little late, I blame the cough), I am thankful for friends old and new, healthy and sick, near and far who make my days--even those fuzzy with crud and congestion--richer, funnier, more exciting and filled with adventure.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One cat thing after another

I guess I am turning into the crazy cat lady. Blog posts, Facebook status updates, most conversation seems to involve cats in some way. But I'm hanging on to the fact that I have a dog and a husband to keep me from falling completely into the vat of crazy cat ladyness.

Disclaimer aside, we're struggling with keeping cats off kitchen counters. And I found this article this morning with suggestions for how to do just that. One link led to another, and I found the Cat's House in San Diego.

Inspiration for the next round of home remodeling projects was born. I love the wonky steps, the great colors, the holes leading from one room to another--and the idea that giving the cats somewhere even higher to be than the kitchen counters will perhaps keep them off the cooking and eating surfaces.

Now if I can just get said husband on board with the whole idea!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cats and Christmas

With Thanksgiving coming it's time to start thinking about Christmas. I don't DO anything about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, I like to enjoy the holidays in order. But, this year, tree decorating is weighing on my mind.

Below is a reposting of a blog post from a couple of years ago, when we only had three cats, and they conspired to take down the Christmas tree, destroying several ornaments in the process. This year we have five cats.

This cute little sleeping gray one, Maddie, is resting up before her next trip into the kitchen garbage can. The fact that the can has a lid doesn't slow her down. A Christmas tree is gonna be like catnip to her.

Any ideas about how to successfully decorate for Christmas while living with a houseful of cats are welcome indeed.

The Cats Who Killed Christmas

Free to BAD home, three cats who killed our Christmas tree!

The crime:

Close-up of the victim:

The carnage:

Last gasp of pink Christmas lights:

Death of the flamingos-pulling-Santa's-sleigh ornament. My very favorite one, hand painted by my cousin Tina.

The suspects:
Dusty, the ringleader

Stewie, the muscle

Miss Kitty, the brains behind the operation

Approach these felines carefully. They are considered clawed and dangerous!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seed and Feed Marching Abominable

Best decision I've made in years was joining this band one year ago this week. The Seed and Feed is an Atlanta-based community band with only two goals: making music and having fun.

After having heard them several times over the years (the band's been around since the '70s) I brushed off my alto sax that I hadn't played in more years than I want to think about and am now making music and having fun with these people every week.

We dress in costumes to perform in parades, at wineries, at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, old folks' homes, neighborhood galas, weddings, bars (we love playing in bars)--really, wherever we get invited (and often paid).

So, for a good time, come out and hear the Seed & Feed. Check our Calendar, it's being updated all the time with new gigs.

This weekend, we'll be heralding Santa's arrival at Atlantic Station Saturday at 6:30 pm. Bring the kids and enjoy the music and fun. That's what we're all about!

A special thank you to our band photographer, Alan Sandercock. He does a great job of capturing our spirit, and took all of the pictures posted here. Check out more of his pictures of the world's greatest band.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kathryn Tucker Windham, storyteller and inspiration

According to Kathryn Tucker Windham, yelling "Rabbit, rabbit," at the top of your lungs, before your feet hit the floor on the first morning of every month will guarantee you have good luck all month long. To keep that luck going, eat the pointy end of a piece of pie last. Eating it first is a sure way to bring bad luck.

But to me, the best luck of all came just through knowing Kathryn Tucker Windham, the Alabama storyteller, writer, photographer and inspiration who died this past Sunday at the age of 93.

While she became famous for her ghost stories, including stories about Jeffrey, the ghost who lived with her in her Selma home, the stories I loved best were of her family and friends. I feel like I knew her aunt Bet, the local postmistress who tried to save a tree from demolition with a shotgun and a rocking chair. And her daddy who ran the local bank and told stories to Kathryn. And the carpenter who built the pine box she'll be buried in. She stored her mother's rose point crystal in it in the garage.

I hope that this past June 1, she shouted "Rabbit, rabbit," louder than ever, and is celebrating her good luck with the next great adventure.

One of the funnest days ever was a day spent in Selma in 2008 with Mrs. Windham. I blogged about it then if you'd like to read more: here, here and here.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Murder Goes South a Great Success

The last Saturday in January was the date of the best ever Murder Goes South mystery conference. This conference distinguishes itself from others with its concentration on mysteries set in the South or written by Southern authors. This year's lineup included featured author Erica Spindler, who spoke at the Friday night dinner; local authors Patricia Sprinkle; and Georgia Adams; and many others.

The conference also offered speakers in other areas of interest to mystery readers and writers, including, Susan Kirkpatrick Smith, an assistant professor, who teaches forensic anthropology. Smith talked about what bones can and can not tell about cause or time of death, and about how the TV shows Bones and CSI get it wrong.

For the first time, the conference offered critiques of 20 pages of a manuscript by a real live New York agent (that last should be said in your best Beverly Hillbillies accent for maximum impact). We welcomed literary agent Janet Reid, from FinePrint Literary Management, who bills herself as the sharkliest agent out there.

Janet also presented one of the breakout sessions, offering information on what agents do and don’t do, what they are looking for and what a rejection letter means. It does NOT mean you and your writing suck!

To have a great time—and learn something about writing while you’re doing it—think about attending MGS next year. The Atlanta Chapter of Sisters in Crime helped sponsor the conference, which is put on by the Friends of the Smyrna Library at the Smyrna Community Center.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We're having a snow day here--5+" at our house north of Atlanta. It's been a great day for sitting by the fire, making a snow munchkin (the snow was too dry to make a snow man) and rescuing a cold, homeless mother cat and her kitten (bringing our total of cats to 5). According to sources I have reached Crazy Cat Lady status.

Stay warm, everyone!

The mother cat and kitten we rescued. Looking for name suggestions. We don't know if the kitten is male or female yet. She's (He's) very skittish.

Chris, the Crazy Cat Gentleman

Prissy, who thinks 5 cats is too much!

Snow munchkin