Saturday, April 28, 2007

Overlooked Miami Beach architecture

Okay, so maybe calling the Miami Beach lifeguard huts architecture is a bit of a stretch, but I loved them! Given my inclination to move all things beachy into our suburban ranch house, I'm trying to figure out where to put one of these things. By the pool is probably the best spot. We could use it to store all of the pool junk--nets, vacuum, chemicals, floats, etc. But it can't be too close or some of the adreneline junkies who use the pool will be diving off the platform, and the deep end's just not deep enough for that!

The Art Deco architecture was fun to see, too. But everybody talks/writes about that, leaving those cute little beach huts feeling completely ignored. I've included photos of my three favorites.

I was in Miami Beach for Sleuthfest, a mystery writers conference sponsored by the Florida Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. I've written a mystery, Redneck Tarot, and was at the conference to pitch to agents and editors. I have one of each who would like to read the manuscript, which Ii will have in the mail Monday. We'll see what happens.

But even if this agent and editor don't come through for me, the trip was worth it--just to see the lifeguard huts!

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Janet Reid said...

I love this post and those pictures!
And I'm glad I scooped you up before those other evil agent competitors of mine found you!