Monday, October 13, 2008

Attack of the love bugs

Okay, it’s a stretch to tie a lovely wedding to the mess that’s all over my car, but since they both involved love and I have pictures, I thought I’d give it a shot. Sometimes you need a challenge.

So, in chronological order: Attack of the love bugs, Part I

I drove from my house north of Atlanta to south-central Georgia a couple of weeks ago. I write about economic development (an elusive concept these days) in various Georgia counties for Georgia Trend magazine and was headed off to learn all there was to know about Coffee County. The first thing I learned is that to get there in late September you have to drive through the mating love bugs. Not only do they swarm so disgustingly that you can hardly see to drive through them, but they dry on the car in an instant. Then it takes dynamite and a crowbar to get the nasty bits off.


I fretted a little about not making a professional impression, what with my car looking like a giant had upchucked on it. But at least two out of three cars in that area looked just like mine—or worse. Two weeks later, following a car wash and several windshield washings, I can almost see clearly through the glass again, though bits of love-bug goo remain to remind me of my trip.

Attack of the love bugs, Part II

This was less an attack than a romantic encounter. We went to the Wedding at the Farm this past weekend. Friends of ours, Shannon Wilder and Curtis Johnson, got married at her family’s farm near Gadsden, Alabama.


The wedding itself took place in a grove of pecan trees that seemed to have been planted years ago for just such an occasion. The space between them created an outdoor chapel with the sun peeking through the leaves. Following the ceremony, the guests all wandered across the country road to the tractor shed where the sweet smell of barbeque drifted on the sounds of live music and the laughter of kids and adults. We could all see why it was the bride’s “favorite place in the whole world” and the place where she wanted to declare before friends and family that the love bug had attacked.



Angela K. Nickerson said...

So fun! I'd like to invite you to a party I am throwing on my blog -- October 29. Here's a link with all of the details:

I hope you can make it! You'd be a great addition to the crowd.


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm not sure if we have love bugs around here in Illinois. But we've been getting lots of lady bugs lately.

The wedding photos are lovely.

Morgan Mandel