Friday, June 26, 2009

Kirkpatrick double wedding extravaganza

Clowns, jugglers, mimes, these were all suggestions from the double-wedding committee (family friends who had been giving opinions our entire lives) 22 years ago when my sister and I were planning our wedding. People look at us funny when Susan and I talk about "our" wedding, but given the outside committee we had to deal with, the grooms didn't get to have a lot of input.

On this anniversary, as I look back at pictures, there are so many things I remember I about that day.

The videographer (and member of the wedding committee), the late, great Harry Watters, rendered almost invisible, just like my mother insisted.


The wedding brunch. Daddy was presented with a trophy by committee chair Judy Watters for surviving (and paying for) the whole ordeal. The trophy reads, "Life's work well done; rest thee now."


My dress, which had been my aunt's when she got married in 1956, hanging from the ceiling fan while guests milled around in Mom and Dad's living room because it was too long to fit anywhere else.


Committee members and wedding director Sallie Estes and preacher Joe Estes, without whom the wedding wouldn't have come off at all. I'm sure we're still together because of the good work they did.


So many hands getting us ready. I've never looked so good and always wished for a gaggle of handlers who'd dress me and make me up every morning.


Lesley buttoning the hundreds of buttons up the back of the dress Mom made for Susan.


Sending Mrs. DiPlacido, the mother of bridesmaid Lesley, out for falsies. I'd lost almost 20 pounds in the month leading up to the wedding--nerves--and my dress didn't fit any more. She was the only one in the room with money and car keys.


Mom walking me down the aisle.


Daddy walking Susan down the aisle.


How handsome Chris (and his groomsmen) looked in his tux.


The beautiful music. Thanks in part to Harry Watters (son of the invisible man).


Exhaustion setting in as the after-ceremony pictures were taken. You know how long it takes for photos with one bride and one groom. Imagine how long it takes with two entire wedding parties.


Following a family tradition and cutting the cake (there was only one) with a saber. Made it taste especially good!


The wedding party


It's been a great 22 years. How could it not have been, with a start like that? Chris, I'd do it all again. Happy Anniversary!

Karen and Chris


Susan and Gregory



SUsan said...

Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed it from across the pond.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful to see these great pics and think back to that day, the pinnacle of Huntsville wedding festivities!
Happy Anniversary to all of you!