Monday, October 26, 2009

Love Houseblogs

Chris and I are home remodelers from way back. We've lived in three works-in-progress (still do) and fixed up and sold several other houses, back when the market would let you do that.

When we're not actually in the throes of some remodeling project, we read about other projects, we look at magazines for inspiration--we wouldn't want to run out of things to do to our house, after all--and we visit Web sites, sometimes for inspiration and sometimes to remind ourselves that we're not the only ones crazy enough to live without flooring for seven years or without an oven for five years or even crazy enough to keep thinking this is fun!

Houseblogs is a collection of people who blog about remodeling projects. You can find helpful hints, hilarious predicaments, and celebrations of a job well done--or at least finished.

And if you're lucky--like I was last week--you can win one of their contests--this one for stories of home-remodeling drama. Thanks Houseblogs and True Value Hardware!

I can't wait to stock up on supplies for the next project--if only I can decide which one to tackle first.


J - Pacha Mama said...

Congrats! Who doesn't love a good renovation story...or a good Sharpie story ;) Best of luck with the future house projects.

Lesley said...

Yay!!! Congratulations! Designer cat condos for everyone.

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Thanks for the good wishes.

But, designer cat condos are waaaaayyyyyy down on the list. We've got exciting things planned for that money--batteries and light bulbs and maybe some new Christmas decorations. The pink lawn flamingoes need Santa outfits!