Thursday, January 07, 2010

Glad to be from the South

There are lots of reasons I'm happy to be from the South--my family lives here, my job is here, my husband is here, but one of the biggest reasons is the weather. I'd die in a real winter. I'll take those hot, humid, miserable Georgia summers anytime.

But I love, love, love that I can still get excited about a dusting of snow! It was so beautiful swirling around today. Tomorrow will be awful--the frozen stuff leaving roads slick and icy. But tonight all is peaceful and white.

I know if I lived in the frozen north I'd be sick to death of snow already.

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Ed and Elizabeth said...

Know what I miss most about the south?? Sweet tea! In FL you can't really order tea and get true, bona-fide SWEET tea. :( Enjoy it!