Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We're having a snow day here--5+" at our house north of Atlanta. It's been a great day for sitting by the fire, making a snow munchkin (the snow was too dry to make a snow man) and rescuing a cold, homeless mother cat and her kitten (bringing our total of cats to 5). According to sources I have reached Crazy Cat Lady status.

Stay warm, everyone!

The mother cat and kitten we rescued. Looking for name suggestions. We don't know if the kitten is male or female yet. She's (He's) very skittish.

Chris, the Crazy Cat Gentleman

Prissy, who thinks 5 cats is too much!

Snow munchkin


Janet Reid said...

Name him "Sharktopus"! You have to be fierce to survive the snow!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

The snow looks like fun! :)