Monday, December 05, 2011

I like Tom Cruise. But he's no Jack Reacher.

The newest Jack Reacher book, The Affair, by Lee Child, has entered my home. Chris, my husband, grabbed it first and is still enjoying it. But I'm up next. Its arrival got me to thinking about the movie they're making of one of the earlier Reacher books, One Shot, starring Tom Cruise.

Now, I like Tom Cruise just fine. He's maybe a little flaky, but I don't have to live with him. And he's easy to watch in a movie. But Jack Reacher he ain't. Jack Reacher is 6'5" (maybe someone misread that part of the books and thought he was 5'6"). Tom Cruise is 5'7".

Now, I know sometimes men have trouble with exactly what 10" looks like, but it looks like a lot when you're talking height (and other things, too). And Reacher's height is so important that it's mentioned in every book--just in case you forget.

So if not Tom Cruise, then who?

My choice is Josh Holloway, the guy who played Sawyer on Lost. Now, you might say at 6'1 1/2" he's not really 6'5" either, but he comes close. And I can see that having someone really, really tall would make it difficult to film with other much shorter actors. Not to mention he has the dirty-blond hair and ice-blue eyes that Lee Child mentions Reacher having.

Besides, the choice just feels right. Josh is from Georgia, Reacher has ties to the South (as much as an army brat can have ties anywhere). Josh is good to look at. Reacher must be good to look at--he has women falling all over him in every book. Now, Josh might have to bulk up a little, but that's a whole lot easier physical change than growing 10"!

So, who do you think should have been cast as Jack Reacher?

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