Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chickens at the Beach House

Pa. farm discovers a 4-legged chicken

You might be wondering what a four-legged chicken found in Pennsylvania has to do with a home remodel in the suburbs of Atlanta, but bear with me.

Many years ago we found a clutch of eggs in our backyard on Halloween night. The mother chicken had disappeared, the eggs were beginning to hatch--that's how we found them, the baby chicks were peeping--and it was very cold that night.

Chris happened to have an incubator--really, he has one of everything there ever was. If they still did the gameshow Let's Make a Deal, he'd be able to pull out of his pocket anything Monty Hall asked for. But I digress.

He loaded the eggs/chicks into the incubator, brought them in the house (yes, you read that correctly) and suddenly we were raising chickens.

One day the chicks went from really cute to very gross--they just poop everywhere--and it was time to get them out of the house. But they were still to young to live outside. So Chris moved them into the spare room over the detached garage. It's really a separate apartment and we've rented it out in the past, but when we had to evict our last tenant, we quit renting it and have been using it for storage ever since. And it was full--Chris is a remodeling contractor who can't bear to throw anything away--of lumber, furniture, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, all sitting on ancient gold shag carpet.

He constructed a pen for the chicks on the shag carpet and there they stayed until the carpet and room were so disgusting that I didn't go in there for 2 years! Finally, since we now both work out of the house, we're going to tackle a genuine remodel of the room. Chris did remove the carpet a while back, so I have been in the room recently. But it isn't really livable. No A/C--a necessity in Atlanta--no floorcovering, and still too much junk to be an office.

So, that's our next project. Chris says we'll get to it soon. But he's been saying that for weeks. I'll keep you posted.

No, none of ours had four legs, but I've been fascinated by bizarre chicken stories ever since.

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