Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Covering the Clutter

When we finally put our hardwood floors down, after 7 years of living with just the subflooring (which looked great after 7 years since we had passed out magic markers to all who visited--and we had way more people who were willing to visit us than you'd think given our flooring situation--and let them go to town on the subflooring) in the living room, dining room, kitchen and hall, Chris covered up one of the air return vents in the living room. He always meant to uncover it again, but when you have completion issues--fortunately, only at our house, not at his clients' houses--things don't always get done in a timely manner.

After our hallway and guest bedrooms (one had been used to store everything from the living room, dining room and kitchen that would fit in there while the hardwood floors were going down and essentially remained storage for nearly 2 years while we slowly put everything back in the right place) including all contents mildewed (again, reminding us of the beach, but not in a good way) we managed to clean everything out, wash down ceilings and walls with bleach and repaint. We cleaned out all the closets and washed them down as well.

I swear, I'm getting to the point here. We, I say 'we', but Chris actually did it himself, this very weekend, he got the closet doors back on in the bedrooms. Now, at first it was fear--would the closets mildew again if we put the doors back on?--that kept him from rehanging them. They are tiny closets, stuffed full of earthshakingly important objects. But finally, the doors had to go back. We'll risk the return of the mildew because the stuff has gotten bigger than the closets, and was creeping out into the bedrooms.

Besides, we're having company this next weekend. And if we can't offer them magic markers to play with, the least we can do is keep our junk from attacking them in their sleep.

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