Monday, September 08, 2008

Web site woes

As a professional freelance writer and editor I have a web site. I’ve never mentioned it on this blog because I’m not thrilled with it. I put it together myself, and you can tell. It’s bland, but I always figured it did the job I needed it to do. It has writing samples, tells a little about the services I offer and has a link to this here blog—where lots more writing samples are available.

Now, though, I have an agent for a mystery I’ve written, Redneck Tarot. She’s trying to sell it. In order to help her do that, and I really want her to do that, I need a web site that reflects more of my fiction writing, rather than business writing. They are two entirely different animals. And yet, I can’t afford, at this point, to hire a fantastic web designer. Though I’ve found one I really like and drool over her work and wish that she were mine. The things she could do with Redneck Tarot cards.

Anyway, that’s a ways down the road. Meanwhile, I still need the business-like site. But a page with a brief synopsis of the book and some sort of intro that is much less businessy than the freelance pages would be great. I’d also like to post some of the Redneck Tarot cards—I don’t have pictures, but each chapter in the book starts with a description of a card and the divination. For example:

III Outside Women (The Empress)

Picture on the Redneck Tarot card: Three women in raggedy cut-off shorts and bright-colored tube tops. They’ve been generous in their application of makeup and have cigarettes dangling from their clown-red lips. They all have their fingers crooked as if calling you over.

Divination: Outside women are hussies, women a married man sees outside the bonds of matrimony. If this card turns up, you are in for a world of confusion. You’ve got a hankering for things you can’t seem to get, because you can’t put your finger on what it is exactly that you want.

Oh, and I want to do it all without having two sites to maintain.

Here’s the link. Be forewarned, it’s not great. But, maybe I get points for recognizing that and trying to make it better.

Any suggestions left in the comments area would be monumentally appreciated!

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zhadi said...

I think your Redneck Tarot book deserves a really ginchy website. I love tarot and loved your redneck descriptions! there are web designers starting out who have a lot of talent, maybe you can hook up with someone who wants to build their rep?...