Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We need a little Christmas …

It seems wrong to be thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, but since this contest wants to know what we do in our homes for the holidays, and we visit my mother-in-law (in warm, sunny delightful south Florida) for Thanksgiving, I have to think about Christmas. Besides, I can no longer claim to be a Christmas traditionalist.

I’d been a purist about Christmas trees for as long as we’ve been married (21 years—YIKES!). I wanted a real tree, with that real tree smell and those real tree pine needles and it had to be nearly as tall as the ceiling. I don’t know where this need came from, probably my childhood deprivation. We decorated a bamboo in a pot at our house for all of my growing-up years.

Anyway, last year the southeast was experiencing a drought (we still are) of some significance, and I read that real live Christmas trees were dry and not likely to stay pretty through the holiday season. So, I broke down and bought a fake tree.


It’s not a traditional green or even a flocked tree. If we were going fake, we were going all the way. In keeping with the beach house theme, we got a pink tree. It’s the greatest thing! It looks wonderful with all of the pink flamingo and shell ornaments.

This year the drought is still bad here in Atlanta, though I haven’t read anything about Christmas trees yet (many of the trees in this area come out of North Carolina). But I’ve gotten kind of attached to the pink tree. I think we’ll go with it again this year.

Maybe by next year I can talk Chris into both—the pink tree in the living room and a real live green tree in the red room, a kind of combination den and office. How festive to have a tree in both rooms!

Better go. If I’m having two trees next year, I’ve got to stock up on ornaments.


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