Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Civil War trench?

We live in Georgia, work in the shadow of Kennesaw Mountain--home of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, site of the Civil War Battle of Kennesaw--learned the story (at the least the white Southern version) of the War of Northern Aggression before we could speak. But a Civil War trench, right in our own backyard? Doesn't seem likely.

We own a of residential lot, left over from Chris's days as a remodeling contractor/builder. We've had it on the market for a while, not really expecting it to sell in this economy, but as our agent says, "it doesn't hurt anything to keep a sign in the yard." Well, we got a contract this week. A very nice surprise.

A bigger surprise was one of the special stipulations on the contract. If a Civil War trench exists on the property, the buyers don't have to close. The picture that jumped into my mind when I read that was of Indiana Jones-type archeologists trooping through the wooded lot, then suddenly dropping into a trench filled with Confederate flags, muskets, and perhaps some long-dead soldier propped against the dirt.

Who is going to tell these buyers whether or not there's a Civil War trench on the property? I don't think the Yellow Pages has a listing for Civil War trench hunters.

How many pieces of property have the buyers tried to buy that had a Civil War trench on them? Why wouldn't they want it?

Our real estate agent, who has sold real estate in this area for many years, says she's never run across this issue before.

Maybe if there is a trench we can open our own historic site on the lot. But really, I hope there isn't one. Not so much because that means we won't close (though I do want to sell the lot) but because I want to go to the closing and ask the buyers about the stipulation and how they know there is no Civil War trench on their new property.

Anybody out there heard of this? Clue me in. I can't begin to figure this one out.

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Lesley said...

Strange. Maybe they're afraid of ghosts? Were soldiers buried in the trenches?

oh, and a "civil war trench" Google search turns up BHITB as the first result. You're #1!