Thursday, April 02, 2009

A man walks into a ...

... OK, not into a bar. It's not a joke. Chris walked into the alternations shop the other day, wearing a cap because his bald head gets cold, to pick up a pair of pants he'd had hemmed.

He looked quite handsome in his cap, apparently, because Sandy, the owner, said, "You a very handsome man. You need more hats."


So, along with his pants, she handed him a large shopping bag full of a bizarre collection of hats and scarves. I know because he brought them all home. Inside the bag were such treasures as a pink and white baseball cap with an after-market elastic chin strap sewn on, a black straw hat with bright red band, a couple of straw driving caps, two fluffy burgundy hats that you'd have to be really cold to wear out in public. Picture Phyllis Diller-style hats. There were at least a dozen.

As I tried on hat after cap, I noticed that they smelled like little old lady, in a good way. A way that reminds me of my great-grandmother and maybe a little of my grandmother, from years ago. A combination of cedar chest and some floral, old-fashioned perfume or powder.

When I mentioned the happy smell, Chris said, "Oh, yeah, they said we might want to wash them before wearing them."

I yanked the weird fuzzy one off and flung it into the laundry room, where it and several others have continued to smell like little old lady for a couple of weeks. I didn't want to wash them and lose that aroma of childhood. But today I was determined to wash everything in the laundry room, dirty laundry's been breeding in there when I turn out the lights.

To my surprise, washing the washable hats and scarves (wool winter scarves, not decorative, floaty scarves) with my no-dyes, no-perfumes laundry detergent diminished the smell, but didn't completely kill it.

Now, thanks to my very handsome man, I can slip back to my childhood any time I want with a sniff of some little old lady's hats.


Morgan Mandel said...

I loved playing dressup when I was a kid. I wonder if they do that any more.

Morgan Mandel

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Oh, yeah. In fact, the hats we didn't keep, most of them, we gave to my nephews. One likes driving caps, one likes baseball caps--and there were a couple of normal ones, and the oldest thought the black hat with red band could be his gangster (said with that 15-year-old accent) hat. They were thrilled!

Janet Reid said...

well, he IS quite handsome! Too bad none of those hats said "Go Yankees!'