Friday, July 24, 2009

I love Trader Joe's!

Trader Joe's stores arrived in the Atlanta area a couple of years ago, much to my delight. I'm not a cook, so anything that makes that job easier or even a little more interesting, gets my vote. Besides, they have really cheap wine!

But this week, the good people at TJ's rose even higher in my estimation. I won the weekly drawing for a bag of groceries--just for bringing in my own shopping bag each time I go. Goodies, most of which I'd never tried, filled a Trader Joe's Atlanta shopping bag. Joe Joe's cookies, the organic tea-lemonade drink, bruschetta, a candy bar, a pasta sauce I had not tried before, fusilli pasta. So far it's all been YUMMY!

Thanks, Trader Joe! I'll be back soon to enter again!


J - Pacha Mama said...

I have been missing Trader Joe's for years - they had them in my hometown D.C. Apparently, some T.J. stores are to open in Florida very soon...yay! I try to stock up on their Bolivian coffee every chance I get :)

Gene said...

We've especially loved Trader Joe's while our kitchen has been in various states of inaction. They've got some great microwaveables.

Around here they give a $25 gift certificate for the 'bring your own bag' drawing, but a bag of groceries to try could be fun, too.