Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not so beachy furniture

Well, we bought a new couch, chair & ottoman for the living room as our Christmas present this year. They just arrived and we love them. However, Chris says they aren't really very beachy, though the chair and ottoman are great for napping. You can see for yourself in the photos. When I look at our old furniture, though, all I see is old furniture. Not anything beachy either. It's more the whole atmosphere of the place, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, beachy or not, the furniture we replaced had to go. The off-white leather sectional sofa had been bought 12 years ago at a garage sale. It officially entered the "got-to-go" category when Prissy, our giant (10 pound) Pomeranian, puked a river from one end of it to the other last summer. I didn't know such a small dog could throw up so much. I discovered that cleaning leather with bleach cleaner, which seemed like such a good idea in the face of all that stuff, didn't really do it much good. The scratches were forever raised and turned a weird brown color.

The chair and ottoman that we replaced had been my parents, and I believe are actually older than I am. They've lived very productive lives as cat scratching posts, but it was time for their retirement as well. But we're not really crying over dead furniture. It's just being retired to the chicken room/office as soon as it's complete.

And progress is being made. The electrical work was done yesterday. And in huge news, the roof, green metal to match the house--after only 9 years--was delivered today! Whoo-hoo!

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