Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Roofers are Here!

Nine years ago--I can remember it so specifically because it was the same summer we had my dad's 60th birthday party here--we put a green standing-seam metal roof on our house. It's been great! It looks good, it isn't too loud when it storms--lots of insulation in the attic--but if you want the noise of rain on a metal roof, we have a screened porch. Just don't go out in a hail storm, you'll go deaf.

Anyway, we also have this detached garage and for reasons I'm not sure of now--probably lack of money--we didn't reroof the garage when we did the house. So for 9 years it's had the old brown shingles. Well, two years ago it started to leak pretty badly, water running down the back wall everytime it rained.

We started talking seriously about getting the roof then. But Chris put up a blue tarp--which looks really good with the brown roof, gray-sided garage and green-roofed house--and that was as far as we got. (Chris has completion issues--only around here, not when he's remodeling other people's houses. I think he's afraid I'll either come up with another project or decide I'm ready to move if he actually finishes something. This way, he knows a move is at least six months in the future, because no one would buy the place with its half-finished projects.)

Until today--the roofers were going to come yesterday, but we woke up to 19-degree weather. Damn cold for Georgia. So they put it off for a warmer day--it's 36 degrees now. I can see the roofers from my desk (which is actually the dining room table). And I'm afraid I won't get much work done today. I'll be too busy looking out the window at the progress. Right now they are scraping shingles off, exposing the wood underneath. They're moving pretty fast, much faster than I would on the fairly steeply pitched roof.

The sun's shining on them, so I don't think they'll freeze, but 36 degrees is still damn cold for Georgia. I'm awfully glad they're here!

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