Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been too long since the last post--I blame some on being too busy during the holidays and some on a lack of work in the chicken room. But, part of being busy included getting some work done!

The new beam and posts are up--which means the ceiling and roof won't fall down on anyone--a good thing by any standard. Also, the new closet has been framed up.

After much discussion, we've decided against a tongue-and-groove wooden ceiling. (Chris, who is not as in love with the beach as I am, has declared he wants a "lodge" theme for the chicken room--I swear, I'm trying to stop calling it that, but old habits die hard!)

The frugal part of Chris, always in competition with the "what do I want" part, won this fight and we're going with drywall for now. It will still be pricey--it's a vaulted ceiling, with several nooks and crannies due to dormer windows, the new beam and a weird little flat space in the center. But, cheaper than wood.

He's still trying to figure out exactly what a lodge look involves, but I'm guessing darker paint than I would choose and some sort of brown or green carpet. I hope it ends up being cozy, despite the lack of a fireplace or budget for new furniture. Considering it has to hold his office stuff--desk, files, etc.--plus a set of drums--we don't play, but he got them in a trade when he did some work for some folks whose teenage son decided he didn't want to be a drummer after all and we have several friends who play--plus weights, guitars and amps, a bass--and amp (he does play those), and cast-off sofa, chair and ottoman--I think cozy is definitely what it will be.

The roofing guy is supposed to come look at the roof today. We put a green metal roof on the main part of the house nearly nine years ago now, but we never got around to the garage. When the garage roof started leaking a couple of years ago it began to seem more urgent, but urgent is a relative term around here. A pretty blue tarp has kept the rain out--mostly, since then. We'll see how it works today--it's storming in north Atlanta.

And it's Friday. The roofing guy may not show up.

I'll keep you posted!

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