Friday, November 18, 2011

Cats and Christmas

With Thanksgiving coming it's time to start thinking about Christmas. I don't DO anything about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, I like to enjoy the holidays in order. But, this year, tree decorating is weighing on my mind.

Below is a reposting of a blog post from a couple of years ago, when we only had three cats, and they conspired to take down the Christmas tree, destroying several ornaments in the process. This year we have five cats.

This cute little sleeping gray one, Maddie, is resting up before her next trip into the kitchen garbage can. The fact that the can has a lid doesn't slow her down. A Christmas tree is gonna be like catnip to her.

Any ideas about how to successfully decorate for Christmas while living with a houseful of cats are welcome indeed.

The Cats Who Killed Christmas

Free to BAD home, three cats who killed our Christmas tree!

The crime:

Close-up of the victim:

The carnage:

Last gasp of pink Christmas lights:

Death of the flamingos-pulling-Santa's-sleigh ornament. My very favorite one, hand painted by my cousin Tina.

The suspects:
Dusty, the ringleader

Stewie, the muscle

Miss Kitty, the brains behind the operation

Approach these felines carefully. They are considered clawed and dangerous!

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