Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One cat thing after another

I guess I am turning into the crazy cat lady. Blog posts, Facebook status updates, most conversation seems to involve cats in some way. But I'm hanging on to the fact that I have a dog and a husband to keep me from falling completely into the vat of crazy cat ladyness.

Disclaimer aside, we're struggling with keeping cats off kitchen counters. And I found this article this morning with suggestions for how to do just that. One link led to another, and I found the Cat's House in San Diego.

Inspiration for the next round of home remodeling projects was born. I love the wonky steps, the great colors, the holes leading from one room to another--and the idea that giving the cats somewhere even higher to be than the kitchen counters will perhaps keep them off the cooking and eating surfaces.

Now if I can just get said husband on board with the whole idea!

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