Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friends old and new

As I'm feeling fuzzy-headed with my second bout with the crud this month, I'm thinking about friends who are dealing with much worse: two with cancer, several with no work, one who's slooooowwwwwly recovering from a stroke. And I feel wimpy about my cough (which is on the mend) and sad.

Is the answer fewer friends?

Of course not.

Despite my worries, I find myself smiling when I think about friends. The ones I laugh with--even the ones suffering through cancer and its treatment make me laugh--eat lunch with, make music with, celebrate with, talk books with, travel with, work with and couldn't live without.

So in this season of thankfulness (only a little late, I blame the cough), I am thankful for friends old and new, healthy and sick, near and far who make my days--even those fuzzy with crud and congestion--richer, funnier, more exciting and filled with adventure.

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