Friday, August 03, 2012

Freelance Fridays

My dad, who's hardly ever been sick a day in his life, recently started suffering from migraines. So, I was glad to write an article for called Can perfumes trigger migraines?

Turns out they can. My dad hasn't found his trigger yet, but since he doesn't wear perfume (and neither does my mom) I don't think this is his.

It was still interesting to consider. Maybe it will help you or someone you love!


Lesley said...

Oh, your poor dad. Hope he figures it out soon. It's hard - I think lots of things will trigger a migraine.

homeowners insurance miami said...

Aw, sad to know that. Hope he'll be fine soon. Things will be better. :)

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Thanks for the kind comments. He's on medication and doing better now. At least it isn't worse--they were thinking VERY bad things at first.