Friday, June 14, 2013

Dear Elton John

I dreamed the other night that you showed up at our band room to donate some of your fabulous costumes to our fabulous band, the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable. And I woke up thinking, "What a great idea! It's a natural fit." As a member of the Seed & Feed, I sometimes feel like a Rock Star. Not an Elton John caliber rock star, but a small, local bringing-joy-to-the not-quite-so-massive-masses rock star. (Though our rock star status got a big boost this week when we made the Huffington Post.) And in my band, we wear costumes—elaborate, Elton John in his best costume-wearing day costumes. Maybe you’ve seen us. We’re in Atlanta, where I know you spend some time.

So, anyway, the point of my letter. I thought maybe the dream was a sign, even a glimpse into some fabulous future where you'd show up in our band room and present me with costumery to wear and share. And figured a letter to you, one of my costumery idols, might help that future along. I’m trying to take my costumery to the next level—more feathers, more sequins, more, more, more. And oh, what a boost you could give my efforts.

So, you know, not to add to your already busy schedule, what with the young children and all, but maybe you’re cleaning out the closet one day and you realize you just don’t have anywhere to wear that sequined boa anymore.

Or if one of the feathered headdresses just doesn’t make you smile like it used to and you find yourself wondering, "Who could I donate these to? Who would enjoy wearing them? Who would use them to bring joy to the not-quite-massive masses?"

Why, members of Atlanta’s own Seed & Feed, that’s who.

I know, your costumes are worth a LOT of money, but we have a foundation, so if you made a donation, it might just be tax deductible.* And I could swear those sequins and feathers would have a good home and be well cared for and trotted out on special occasions.

So, let me know if you’re interested. I’d be glad to meet you at the bandroom--you could sit in with us at rehearsal on night--or anywhere that works for you.

Yours Sincerely,
Karen the sax player

*I’m not a tax attorney and don’t even play one on tv. But I hear tell donations are tax deductible.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Elton John,

PLease help my cousin, Karen, with her plight. She's a bit over the edge, but with your assistance, she can REALLY be OUT THERE!

Your loyal fan, Rick Smarr