Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun with Camera +

I went to Greece last month, one of the most photogenic countries in the world. And would love to say I took fabulous, professional quality photos with my fabulously expensive, complicated camera. But, no. I could either afford to go to Greece or I could afford to buy the fabulously expensive, professional camera and stay home and take more pictures of the cat.

Clearly I've done enough of that.

Instead I invested a whopping 99 cents in Camera + for my iPhone and had fun with it all over Greece--taking perhaps not professional-museum quality photos of the lovely landscape, but taking decent photos, then having more fun editing/filtering/adding captions.

Take a look:

Before leaving for Greece, I practiced at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

This is the original photo of the alligator.

This is it after I made it look like a cool, 1950s Florida postcard using the HDR setting to add the color and the borders to add the border--duh--and the text.

Here are some other photos I took at Noah's Ark.

Then, it was off to Greece.

Original of Mom and my nephew

Here's where I drained the color out of them. And added a border again. I love the borders.

Original of the view from the restaurant at our hotel.

Here it is after I cropped it and again used the HDR setting. I love the cartoony/old-timey postcard look it gives.

Original of the Dikteon Cave, where Zeus was born and hidden by his mother so his father Kronos wouldn't eat him. They don't tell you how a really pregnant woman might have gotten into this steep, dark cave. But I guess she was pretty motivated to keep her kid hidden.

Here's where I cropped it and hit the clarity filter, which brightened it up a lot.

So, while I still want a fabulously expensive, hard-to-use camera, I'm gonna go with Camera + for the time being. I'd rather do that than give up travel!

What are some of your favorite camera apps? Let us know in the comments.

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