Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ogres, Unicorns & Goddesses, Oh My!

The littlest nephew (who is now 6'2") and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden this past weekend to see the Imaginary Worlds exhibit--and all the other pretty stuff too.

What a cool exhibit! Enormous, fantastical plant-covered creatures scattered throughout the garden.

The Unicorn was one of my favorites. I loved the way the plants that make up her mane and tail waved in the wind.

The Ogre was good too. You can't tell from this picture, but he had a tunnel through his side, like he was a bridge or a hidey-hole or a playhouse.

But those two were only my favorites until I saw the Earth Goddess. At 29 tons, she is quite a woman!

More ordinary critters such as butterflies, bunnies and cobras also were fun to see, but I loved the fantasy creatures best. They weren't the only bits of beauty, however.

I longed to take home orchids from the filled-to-overwhelming orchid room, but settled for lots of pictures instead.

And what would a day in the garden be without a time-out for a word from our sponsors. I know, the Garden has to support itself and the commercial was fairly unobtrusive, but obviously it obtruded enough for me to notice. Which is the point I guess. So, we'll be back after this short commercial break. Hum the Jeopardy theme in your head if you don't want to look at the picture.

Welcome back!

And while I was taking a ton of pictures, what was the littlest nephew doing? Creating art of his own. He sketched plants and characters holding plants and people who were made of plants as if possessed by some planty-arty demon. Just before I snapped this photo, he stopped mid-step and collapsed onto the wall where he's sitting. "Aunt Karen, I gotta draw!" he said in a desperate voice as if the sketch couldn't come fast enough. I stopped walking and waited for him to finish, happy that Imaginary Worlds had sparked his imagination.

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Anonymous said...

What a great birthday trip he had! You are the best aunt ever!