Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beach car for the Burbs!

I'd never heard of Amphicars, cars that go on land and in the water, until I read my most recent Coastal Living magazine last night while waiting in the MommyVan (No, we don't have children, and I don't even drive the van. Chris, the male spouse in this marriage, drives the fairly beat up 1998 Windstar and dubbed it the MommyVan.) for Chris to pick up his 1976 pickup truck (we don't do new cars) that had to have transmission work. It wouldn't go in reverse; a real drawback in a longbed pickup!

Anyway, I've got to have an Amphicar. It's the perfect beach house in the burbs car--part convertible/part boat. My birthday's coming up in September. For those of you planning to get your shopping done early, this is what I want! I prefer the Fjord Green, but am willing to go with the blue or white in a pinch.

Get one for me and I promise to take you for a ride!


Helen said...

Maybe just get a big floatie for the MommyVan?

Karen K. Kennedy said...

That could work!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah? Well, I just might take you up on that ride! LOL Good post, 'm gonna read up on those amphibious cars.

Marvin D Wilson
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mire said...

Ooh sounds fun!!

Speaking of xmas shopping early check out: Came across it the other day and find it to be fabulous!!! Shopping and fund raising at the same time...right up my alley!