Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet Billy Poteet

Chris, another blogger/writer, posted this on her blog and challenged folks to introduce their characters--or think about the facts as they relate to their characters. So, here's a brief introduction to Billy Poteet, the 20-something-year-old sidekick in my as yet unpublished mystery Redneck Tarot.

Eight Character Facts

1. Your Character's Favorite Word:
Anything that rhymes and can be combined with "damn." Damn-spam is a favorite--and he doesn't mean the annoying e-mail kind of spam.

2. Your Character's Favorite Pastime:
Shooting televisions from the comfort of his outdoor recliners.

3. Your Character's Oddest Thought:
How many bites would you have to take of a cat before it died?

4. Your Character's Favorite Food or Snack:
Hamburgers and beer

5. Your Character's Worst Memory:
When his father died.

6. Your Character's Likes or Dislikes:
Billy likes the small, north Georgia town he lives in. He hates anybody messing with his friends or family.

7. Your Character's Favorite Dessert:
Chocolate cake that his mother made.

8. Your Character's Worst Moment:
When his twin brother Beau decided to leave home and go to college.

Feel free to share some facts about your fictional characters or maybe some of the real characters you know.


zhadi said...

I STILL haven't done this excercise... Thanks for reminding me!

Suzanne said...

I like it! I need to do this too....