Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I hate moving!

You think moving a household (or a house, for that matter) is hard, try moving a business full of heavy equipment when you're too cheap to hire movers!

My husband owns 3-D Graphics & Printing, a large-format printing business. But just because it's HIS business, doesn't mean I'm uninvolved--and becoming more involved by the minute! Click here you'll see a photo of me holding up a very large aerial photo of Jacksonville Airport that we printed.

Anyway, I say all this to explain my blogging slackness--after trying to do better this month. I'm part of an online group that had an August Blog Challenge--to try to blog every day for a month. I didn't sign up to do it because we were out of town, had company, got found by a new cat (looks like his name will be Stewie, since his head is sort of football shaped, like the baby Stewie on Family Guy--a show I can't stand, by the way) and had this move scheduled. But I convinced myself I'd blog at least twice a week.

So, soon the move will be over. We have to be out of the old office space this week. And I'm sure Stewie will eventually get over the GOD-AWFUL diarrhea that has had the poor little demon locked in the Elvis bathroom for two days (because we spent a small fortune on cat medicine for a stray, free cat and he better get better!) and maybe life will calm down.

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