Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crazy cat lady?

How many cats do you have to have before you become a crazy cat lady?

Six years ago, Miss Kitty appeared on our doorstep right before Christmas in the freezing cold. Our first cat (we're really dog people) she's with us still.

Last year about this time, Dusty Cat showed up in our yard. We were determined to keep him an outside cat, which was easy for me. He wasn't very nice at first. But then it got to be winter. Despite living in Georgia, we do experience winter. So, long about Christmas we got him neutered and brought him in the house. He's now about the sweetest cat I've ever seen. He seems, in fact, to think he's a dog. (It took Miss Kitty five months to come out of our bathroom. But now she likes Dusty Cat okay.)

Now, a really cute black cat, with a white spot on his chest and great, huge green eyes, has shown up. (All I can figure is word's gotten out in the kitty community that there's a crazy cat lady on the street, so drop by. She'll take you in.) He's small and friendly and now he's injured, probably from a fight. His face is swollen. He's hot--like with an infection. Chris (the otherwise fabulous husband) has been battling the adoption of this third cat. (We also have a dog, the Princess Prissy Pants, a Pomeranian.) But he admitted when he got home today that "other cat" needs to go to the vet. So, I guess he's ours now. Miss Kitty's going to hate him.

So, we have 3 cats, I guess, and 1 dog. But, I also have a husband. Do the dog and the husband balance out the 3 cats to keep me from being a crazy cat lady? The whole idea makes me nervous, but not nervous enough to not take Blackie/BullsEye/Snowflake/ whatever his name is, to the vet tomorrow.


We are in said...

I have a husband three cats and one dog. I don't think I'm crazy - I'm just well entertained.

And if you're like me you'll be too distracted searching for the lint-brush to even notice the nice young men in the clean white coats coming to take you away.

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Thanks for the laugh! I feel better now.

Now, I have to go sell a pint of blood before I take Blackie/Snowflake/Bullseye to the vet before introducing him to the other cats and dog.

zhadi said...

The Crazy Cat Lady action figure (yes, there really is one) had 8 cats, so you've still got five to go before you're official. I, on the other hand, passed that number by two last time I 'fostered' some rescue babies. Sigh.

Karen K. Kennedy said...

What a relief! I don't think Chris will let me get that crazy. You're a good, good woman, Zhadi!

Helen Ginger said...

You soft-hearted push-over. The cats have put an X on the curb to mark your house. It's like in the Depression days (so I've heard) when hobos would mark a house's fence so other hobos would know they could get a meal at that house. You may not know this, but llamas can read cat-marks. Be careful next time you open the door.

Nate and Jen said...

We had 4 cats and 1 dog in our 900 SF house. Had to go down to 3 cats as 2 of them would not get along even after 2 years. I think 4 is starting to cross the threshold of crazy. :D

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Helen, the llama comment scares me to death--we actually have llamas in our neighborhood. So far I haven't seen any escape their fence--but it could happen. I'll be on the lookout!

My nephew mentioned the hobo thing, too. That makes me fell a little less crazy--at least now I know where they're coming from. It's not some crazy cat lady pheromone I'm putting out!

No way we're having 4. Even I couldn't stand that. I've already discovered that keeping 3 cat boxes clean is nearly a full time job!