Thursday, July 12, 2012

My new online best friend, Airbnb

We decided at what was maybe not the very last minute, but at least the last hour, that we wanted to go somewhere for the weekend after the 4th of July when everyone else in America also wants to go somewhere.

Fortunately, someone at a party had just told me about, where you can rent homes/cabins/rooms/apartments from total strangers, who you have to hope aren't axe murderers, but, since they're hoping the same thing about you, you gotta figure it's safe.

And it was! Our place and the people who owned it in the North Carolina mountains were lovely! It was easy and inexpensive and seemed like our very own mountain cabin for two whole days. Here are some pictures.

We stayed in the basement apartment. It was great! Cozy, cool and very comfortable.

It had this fabulous whirlpool tub built for two!

fuzzy sheets
And these practically furry sheets that I can't imagine using at the beach house in July, but were purrfectly cozy in the mountains in July.

view with fire
Our first night they built us a fire in the firepit. And this was the view! The sun set in that direction, so we stayed out until well after dark.

Chris wine
Chris enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine by the fire that night! (ok, that other glass is really mine)

I love ferns!

dr suess plant
This Dr. Suessy-looking plant is a leek, according to Randy, our homeowner. The stalks were about three feet tall and the balls about the size of a tennis ball. I want one!

Sunday morning I walked down in the valley on the beautiful paths and took this picture back up toward the house. Makes me feel peaceful all over again just to look at it!


Elizabeth said...

That looks like a great getaway -- coolness, peacefulness, quiet, and a firepit, too!

Unknown said...

It was all of those things, and more!