Monday, July 16, 2012

Weird and wonderful vacation shopping

I'm not much of a shopper. (Shhh! Don't tell. I work in retail) But I love, love, love looking in unusual shops when I'm on vacation, which is about the only time I have to browse.

Here are some pics taken in and around various retail establishments on our mountain getaway last weekend.

First stop: An antique shop in Dillard, GA. Where they had this sign:
Happy Hour
I wanna party with her!

Or her--or is it him?

The funnest shop in Cashiers, NC
Cashiers shop
Who can resist a taxidermy shop?

and Free Wildlife Exhibit, all in the same place.

wine holder
Taxidermy or wildlife. You decide. Either way, it's for the wine drinker who has everything!

I wanted to bring this guy home just 'cause he looked so embarrassed.

Finally, here's the wildlife. Two very friendly goats.

metal goats
From live goats to really cute metal ones--and their equally adorable dog friends.

The world's most rustic Wendy's. It looked just the same as a regular Wendy's inside.

Best use of a tractor EVER!
tractor ice cream
It's churning homemade ice cream!!!

Fake bears were everywhere
Then we actually saw a real live BEAR, in the wild on our way back to our house.

Very, very cute tiny little artists shops in Cashiers
art shops

We stopped here for lunch--YUM!
Because it's not a trip to North Carolina if you don't have Bar-B-Q!

Visit Cashiers, NC. It's the cutest little mountain town. And for a great place to stay, check out my last post, with pictures of the house we found through airbnb.


Anonymous said...

Well, what did you buy? Surely something good.

Unknown said...

Just window shopping this trip. Next time, I'll get something.