Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ultimate Gift

I love that my Dad's family is so much fun, so generous, so full of smart, interesting people, who really seem to like each other. Or at least they fake it real well for the one weekend every couple of years that we have a family reunion.

Another reason the reunion is such fun is that it happens at his cousin's house, a circa 1780 plantation house that was used in the movie, The Ultimate Gift, several years ago. (It's a sappy, feel-good movie, you can feel comfortable watching with everyone from the kids to the grandmothers. But the scenery and setting are fabulous!)

The Big House

We've been going to these reunions for many years, but this year, for the first time, we got to stay at the Big House, as it's known. (Usually they run out of room in the Big House with members of my dad's generation, but a broken leg opened up a bedroom this year. Sorry, Joan! We'd have traded the plaid room to have you with us!)

So, here's what a 1780 Southern plantation house looks like in 2012. (Yes, it has indoor plumbing, electricity--even WiFi!)


The foyer stairs. I fell down the top section. No, I was stone-cold sober. It happened the morning we were leaving. I think I just didn't want to go.

Living room (or is it a Parlor?) fireplace. It's big enough to roast a goat.

Victorian settee filled to overflowing with a 21st century oversized teenager.

The Upstairs Hall, the door leads to the balcony you can see on the front of the house.

The plaid room. It was also in the movie, but I'm sure now they're planning on a plaque that reads: Chris and Karen slept here.

Plaid room wooden ceiling. I LOVE this!

Built-in shelves with old (though not 1780 old) toys

The view from the plaid room. So peaceful!

My favorite yard art!

I'm already looking forward to the next reunion. Hope we get to stay at the Big House again!

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